2 men arrested after shootout with cops on Onion Lake First Nation

Two men are in custody after allegedly firing at RCMP officers on a Saskatchewan First Nation.

Regina Police Service investigating RCMP gun use

Suspects discharged a weapon at RCMP officers multiple times before an officer discharged a firearm in return, police say. (CBC)

Two men are in custody after allegedly firing at RCMP officers on a Saskatchewan First Nation.

At noon on Saturday, Onion Lake and Turtleford RCMP tried to pull over a pickup truck on the Onion Lake First Nation in relation to a stolen vehicle investigation.

Police say suspects in the vehicle shot at RCMP with a firearm they pointed out of the truck.

The truck then sped off but became stuck in a slough not far away.

Suspects again discharged a weapon at responding members, police say, and an RCMP member discharged a firearm in return.

No one was injured in the exchange of fire.

Three men then got out of the truck and ran.

Police contained the scene to ensure public safety.

Delvin Opissinow, who lives in a subdivision on a hill near the area, said he left his home during the incident.

"They didn't let us through until nine o'clock. I was actually trying to make my way through their little barricade because one of my nieces was stuck up here by herself and everybody was out and about, and we weren't allowed to come back up the hill," Opissinow said.

Suspects arrested

Police said they arrested two suspects shortly after the incident. A third suspect was arrested the following day based on the investigation.

A 29-year-old and 22-year-old share more than a dozen charges, including firearm, assault, evasion and stolen property offences.

One suspect was released without charges.

Saskatchewan RCMP has requested an independent, external investigation into the incident due to the officer-involved shooting. The Regina Police Service has agreed to conduct the external investigation.

Onion Lake First Nation is located 50 kilometres north of Lloyminster, by the Alberta border.

With files from Brandon Harder