Sask. sets 13 new cold-weather records as deep freeze continues

Saskatchewan recorded 13 new low temperature records on Thursday as the seemingly never-ending deep freeze continues.

Saskatoon area breaks record over 100 years old, Meadow Lake area hit –40.4 C, but temperatures set improve

A person in a parka walks on a city path in very cold winter weather as fog rises from a river in the background. The fog partially obscures a bridge.
Environment Canada said Saskatoon broke a cold temperatture record over 100 years old on Thursday when it reported –39.2 C. (Kayle Neis/The Canadian Press)

The never-ending deep freeze continues to yield record lows in Saskatchewan but maybe, just maybe, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Environment Canada announced that 13 areas of the province set new daily low-temperature records on Thursday. 

Saskatoon broke a record set in 1905 and reported a temperature of –39.2 C. Record keeping in the area started in 1900.

In the Meadow Lake area, temperatures as low as –40.4 were reported, breaking the previous record of –39.7 set in 1979. Record keeping in the area started in 1959. 

In the Yorkton area –39.1 was recorded, breaking the record of –37.2 set in 1967. Record keeping there started in 1941.

In the Cypress Hills area, –33.6 was the recorded low breaking a record of –30.0 set in 1923. Record keeping there started in 1918.

Other records set on Thursday included:

  • Assiniboia area, –33.1.
  • Elbow area, –37.7.
  • Kindersley area, –36.9.
  • Last Mountain Lake area, –37.7
  • Outlook area, –35.8. 
  • Rockglen area, –33.3.
  • Rosetown area, –39.2.
  • Watrous area, –36.7.
  • Wynyard area, –36.4.

Remember what warmth felt like? Well, Environment Canada's website showed what some might call improvement for a majority of the province by next week, when nearly every region forecasted temperatures in the negative teens, rather than negative twenties.