Russell Williams links with Forces being cut

The Canadian Forces is cutting the links with convicted killer and former colonel Russell Williams. The former colonel, who is serving a life sentence for the brutal sex slayings of two women, went through a final medical exam last week.

The Canadian military is another step closer to washing its hands of convicted killer Russell Williams.

The former colonel, who is serving a life sentence for the slayings of two women, went through a final medical exam last week.

"We always have medical exams done prior to the departure or release of a Canadian Forces member," Canadian Forces spokesman Cmdr. Hubert Genest said in an interview.

"In order for us to close the file, we have to complete the medical exams to make sure that before the person is released, we have the information to confirm the state of physical health and mental health of the person."

A military doctor visited Williams at Kingston Penitentiary to perform the exam Nov. 25, which was arranged through prison security, Genest said.

He wouldn't comment further on the results of the exam, saying it's personal and private information that cannot be disclosed.

Williams has already been stripped of his rank, but won't officially be drummed out of the Canadian Forces until they retrieve his medals and commission scroll.

"We need to work with the family in making sure they find the objects, and we need to arrange with them a time and location to hand them over," Genest said.

Medals to be destroyed

Once they have his medals and scroll — an official document that confirms Williams was a serving officer — the military plans to destroy them, he said.

Williams had two medals: the Canadian Forces Decoration Medal, given for good service, and the South West Asia Service Medal, for having served at least 30 days in Afghanistan.

The scroll will likely be shredded and the medals cut in pieces using a special device to ensure they're not re-used, Genest added.

The military has also taken the extraordinary step of burning Williams's uniform and clothing at CFB Trenton, the base he once commanded.

Two senior Canadian Forces officers, accompanied by military police, entered the eastern Ontario cottage where Williams raped and murdered one of his victims to retrieve his military clothes and other gear on Nov. 17.

The clothes were incinerated the next day in a facility that's normally used to destroy classified materials.

Uniforms and other equipment belong to the military and are usually retrieved when someone leaves the Canadian Forces. But Genest said it was the first time he's ever known a uniform to be burned in his 25 years with the military.

Williams was convicted last month of first-degree murder in the sadosexual killings of Cpl. Marie-France Comeau, 38, of Brighton, Ont., and Jessica Lloyd, 27, of Belleville, Ont.

He also pleaded guilty to 82 break-and-enters and thefts and two sexual assaults.

During Williams's sentencing hearing, the court heard that the SUV he used to kidnap Lloyd would be crushed, and the hundreds of items of women's and girls' underwear and clothing he stole would be burned. But the provincial police force hasn't yet disclosed when that might happen.