Romanian gangster expelled

A Romanian mafia head has been expelled from Canada after four years two of them fighting extradition.

Ion Titisor has a lengthy criminal record. On Saturday, he was sent back to Romania where he was arrested on multiple charges, including attempted murder.

Titisor lived undetected in Montreal for two years after entering the country in 1996 under an assumed name. He was using a fake Hungarian passport.

At the time he fled, Titisor was facing trial in Bucharest for attempted murder. Police say he attacked them with a sword in 1992 when they went to arrest him.

Titisor was convicted in absentia and sentenced to nine years in prison.

While investigating a suspected international gold smuggling operation, court documents show the RCMP discovered an international warrant for his arrest and his extensive criminal history.

He was ordered deported in 1998 and made numerous appeals to the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Federal Court.