Revenue Canada worker fired over video game creation

An Ontario-based amateur software developer has been fired from his position at Canada Revenue Agency after creating a video game about his disdain for the job.

Amateur software developer created game about his government job

Tax worker fired over game

9 years ago
An Ontario call-centre worker for the Canada Revenue Agency has been sacked for creating a video game based on his job, but it may have opened new doors for him 2:06

An Ontario-based amateur software developer has been fired from his position at Canada Revenue Agency after creating a video game about his disdain for the job.  

David S. Gallant, of Brampton, Ont., builds video games when not working at his day job fielding calls for the Canada Revenue Agency.  

Gallant told CBC News that one of his creations, entitled I Get This Call Every Day, has ended that employment relationship.

"They terminated my employment as of Jan. 29," said Gallant.

In the game, users listen to a customer call and are given options for how they can respond to the inquiry. 

Not surprisingly, the game offers snarky responses like "I'm not your buddy, sir" to rile up the caller.  

"I felt the need to express myself, and despite the fact that I could've lost my job for it, I still wanted to ensure that I got my art out there and I made it available to people," Gallant said.  

But Gallant's need to express himself has raised the ire of the minister of National Revenue, Gail Shea.  

"The minister considers this type of conduct offensive and completely unacceptable," a statement from Shea's office said on Wednesday.  

No comment

"The minister has asked the CRA to investigate urgently to ensure no confidential taxpayer information was compromised."  

Shea's office would not comment on Gallant losing his job.  

The public's response, however, has differed from the minister's.  

Gallant has received a slew of tweets of encouragement and says he almost doubled his daily rate of sales on Tuesday to about $500.  

The minimum purchase price for the game is $2.08.  

"It's actually somewhat turned around into a very big blessing for me in a way," he said.