Renous prisoner may testify in murder trial Friday

The jury in the murder trial of a prisoner from Renous prison may hear Friday from the accused. Michael Smith, 33, is charged with killing another prisoner.

Murray Lyons was serving a life sentence in Renous for the rape and murder of eight-year-old Jackie Clark of Fredericton in 1995.

But in May of last year, Lyons was found dead in his cell with an extension cord wrapped tightly around his neck.

Crown prosecutor John Walsh told the court Thursday that soon after, Michael Smith admitted to the killing. That admission is on tape and the Crown is planning to show those tapes Friday.

Meanwhile, Michael Smith has pleaded not guilty to a charge of second degree murder.

In court Thursday, RCMP fingerprint experts tied various pieces of evidence to Smith. The Crown also played tapes from prison surveillance cameras that show Smith going in and out of Lyon's cell the night of the murder.

Lyons was last seen alive about 9:30 on the evening of May 27. It wasn't until about three o'clock the next morning that his body was found by prison officials.

Correctional officers from Renous then called the police and as they padlocked the cell, one officer testifies he heard a voice on the cell block whispering, "The child molester is dead."