Remains of mystery man found 4 years after he died

An autopsy has determined that the human remains found in a house are those of an elderly man who died four years ago. Not much else is known about the mysterious Toivo Sistonen, believed to have been 85 when he died.

The autopsy conducted Tuesday gave no indication how Sistonen died. Nor did it explain how, or why, the outside and yard of Sistonen's house had been meticulously maintained during the past four years during which time nobody ever saw him.

Last weekend, police waded through waist-deep trash in the house to find the remains of the man, along with the skeletons of long-dead cats. Neighbours had complained of foul odors coming from the house on summer days.

"We always knew there was a dead body in there," said Jennifer Elvish, who lives next door to the Sistonen house.

Sistonen is believed to have been a millionaire, married to a woman 30 years his junior. A family member who asked not to be identified told The Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal he had a daughter and a dozen other relatives in and around Thunder Bay.

Police are continuing their investigation.