Reform ready to run without a leader

The B.C. Reform Party may have to campaign in the upcoming provincial election without a leader, because former leader Bill Vander Zalm has switched to the new Unity Party.

Vander Zalm and his supporters will go ahead with the first Unity Party leadership convention next month.

Vander Zalm is expected to resign as Reform leader, but some Reformers are determined to carry on, saying good riddance to the high profile Vander Zalm.

Grant Mitton, the Reform Party candidate in Peace River South, admits there probably isn't enough time for the remaining Reformers to select a new leader.

"There is a school of thought that perhaps our best option would be to go into the election without a leader, and once again concentrate our efforts on getting as many candidates elected as possible," he says.

Former Reform Party president Chris Delaney isn't impressed. Delaney, who is now a leadership candidate for the Unity Party says only a handful of Reformers are sticking to the old party.