RCMP suspect mother threw baby off bridge

New information released by RCMP Wednesday in the case of the baby that fell from a North Vancouver bridge suggests the baby's mother attempted to kill her daughter.

Eighteen-month-old Kaya Hama-Werbes, slipped from her mother's arms as she walked along the Capilano Suspension Bridge. The baby fell more than 45 metres onto a rocky ledge last week. She suffered only minor injuries after trees broke her fall.

Police obtained a warrant to search Nadia Hama's home late last week. They were looking for information that might help them determine whether Kaya slipped from her mother's arms or whether she was intentionally dropped.

The warrant that authorized the search suggests the RCMP have reasonable grounds for believing Hama attempted to murder her daughter.

Police believe Hama didn't want Kaya because the baby suffers from Down's syndrome and was difficult to care for. They say Hama had already left her daughter in a parked car and had tried to have her adopted several times.

The warrant describes how after a day of running errands Hama took her two children to the suspension bridge. Police say just before the child fell, Hama was carrying her daughter like a "sack of potatoes," dangerously close to the edge.

After the baby had fallen, the warrant says, Hama's son, Jovan Hama-Werbes cried out "my sister, my sister."

The warrant says a maintenance worker standing at the bridge told police that he thought Hama behaved strangely after her baby fell.

The worker was told by rescuers that the toddler was fine. When he passed on the news to Hama he said she immediately stopped crying and her face went stone cold.

The warrant confirms that Hama's estranged husband phoned police after he received a call from her just after Kaya had fallen. He told police his wife had thrown their daughter off the bridge.

The warrant also describes why police seized Hama's personal computer. Investigators were looking for adoption inquires Hama made by e-mail to the United States.

Police say their investigation revealed that Hama made several attempts to put the baby up for adoption because she was traumatized after her daughter was born with Down's Syndrome.

Finally the warrant says Hama denies that she didn't want her daughter and that she ever made inquires looking for someone to adopt Kaya.

Hama has been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with Kaya's father for the past two years. Hama recently told a family court she had been having trouble caring for her daughter.

On Wednesday, Hama appeared in public to say she'll tell her side of the story when she "gets a moment."