RCMP Hunt for Clues to October Murder

The RCMP and a Nova Scotia Ground Search and Rescue team are carrying out a search for additional evidence in a murder case.

Last October the body of William St. Clair Wendelborg was found in woods in Harrietsfield, outside of Halifax. Three people from Halifax are facing charges in connection with his death.

RCMP Sargeant Wayne Noonan says "new information" prompted the search of a 36 kilometre area in Millers Lake near the Halifax International Airport. That's about thirty kilometres from the area where Wendelborg's body was found. Noonan will only say police are looking for several "exhibits," which could strengthen their case against the three accused.

Wendelborg was killed shortly after he returned to Halifax after finishing a sixteen year sentence in a prison in the United States. He had been implicated in a cocaine smuggling scheme.