RCMP G8/G20 actions probed

The RCMP's watchdog has launched an investigation into the conduct of the Mounties during the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto and Muskoka this June.

The RCMP's watchdog has launched an investigation into the conduct of the Mounties during the G8 and G20 summits in Toronto and Muskoka this June.

The Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP (CPC) said the complaint, lodged by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, relates to a number of allegations, including the Mounties' possible involvement in the infiltration and surveillance of individuals or groups before and during the summits.

The "public interest investigation" will also focus on the RCMP in relation to the use of force, detentions and arrests of people during the protests, the planning of the security fences and conditions at the Eastern Avenue detention facilities in Toronto.  

The RCMP watchdog is investigating the Mounties' actions during the G8/G20 summits. ((Chris Young/Canadian Press))

The CPC said it has received 28 complaints regarding the RCMP's role in the summits held in Ontario's Muskoka region and downtown Toronto in late June.

More than 1,000 people were arrested at the G20 meeting amid extensive damage to shops and cars in the city's downtown.

Nathalie Des Rosiers, general counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, told The Canadian Press that it's important to examine the role of the national police force in the summits.

"I think we have to recognize that the planning of the event and the planning of security, which was the responsibility of the RCMP, may have left something to be desired if it led to such violations," she said Friday.

"We did see some RCMP officers around town, particularly at some arrests where we were observers. They were not doing the arrests, but they were certainly there."

The Toronto police, the city's police services board, the Ontario ombudsman, the provincial government and a Commons committee are also examining aspects of summit policing.

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