Racist accused of threatening Jews, Muslims

Polcie in London, Ont. arrest white supremacist

Police in London, Ont., have charged a man with making death threats and telling others to kill Muslims and Jews.

James Richardson, 27, was charged after police seized a computer, computer files and racist paraphernalia from a London apartment.

Police said Richardson is involved with a group calling itself the Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team. Some of the paraphernalia seized also referred to the Tri-City Skins.

No specific individuals were threatened in either the Jewish or Muslim communities, police said.

The Tri-City Skins is a white supremacist group based in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, which police say has about 25 members and growing.

The Canadian Ethnic Cleansing Team, according to police, has chapters across the country with an unknown number of members.

But another man, Alex Krause, 20, of Toronto, says he and Richardson are the only members of the group, which they formed as an information network for white supremacists across Canada.