Questions about Skytrain $

Bombardier's new Burnaby Skytrain factory had its grand opening Wednesday. And there are already questions about how much B.C. taxpayers could end up paying for it.

The $15-million factory was built to assemble 50 new cars for the Skytrain expansion. All that money came from Bombardier. Their investment was based on a $500-million contract from the provincial government to build the trains.

The Burnaby plant is also designed as an operations and maintenance centre for Skytrain technology. That's a contract Bombardier has yet to sign with the B.C. government.

But that's a fact Liberal Skytrain critic Doug Symons says shouldn't be overlooked.

"If they don't reach an agreement on the operations and maintenance contract, then the government could be liable for the costs of that building and have to buy it back from Bombardier," he says.

Symons says there are similarities between the new Skytrain project and the ongoing fast ferries fiasco. But the government says there's no way Skytrain could turn into another fast ferries because it's based on a proven technology, and all the major contracts are fixed price contracts.