Quebecers should have a choice, Chevrette says

Quebec's minister of electoral reform, Guy Chevrette, says Quebecers should be given a choice between independence or the Calgary declaration.

Chevrette says the proposal would save time and money. He says he got the idea when Quebec Liberal leadership candidate Jean Charest defended the Calgary Accord.

On Monday, Charest called the Calgary declaration a positive signal from the rest of the country. But Chevrette says Charest shouldn't impose the Calgary Declaration without having it ratified through a referendum.

Quebec's chief electoral officer there is nothing to prevent Chevrette's proposal.

"To have a referendum between Calgary and sovereignty, as the minister evokes, is not impossible," said Francois Casgrain. "The law permits it."

The Calgary Declaration was drawn up by most of the premiers last year. It recognizes Quebec's unique language, laws and culture while affirming the equality of all the provinces.