Prince George killer a free man

A Prince George man who shot and killed his wife in 1992 is now a free man. Five years ago a jury decided Wayne Sullivan didn't know what he was doing when he killed his wife Maureen.

Today is his first day of complete freedom and friends and family of the dead woman are angry.

In March 1992 Wayne Sullivan was charged with murdering his wife. The couple had spent the evening drinking with another woman and returned home.

Maureen Sullivan refused her husband's suggestion of three-way sex. He then shot and killed her.

Sullivan admitted that in court. But his lawyer argued that alcohol triggers something in Sullivan's brain, that he was shocked into dissociative state: a virtual robot.

The jury agreed Sullivan could not have formed the clear intent to kill. He was found Not Criminally Responsible Because of a Mental Disorder, a term which replaces temporary insanity in law.

Sullivan was released and ordered not to drink, and submit to random testing. Last summer he was jailed for refusing to provide a blood sample.

But when the Attorney General's Ministry failed to produce a report saying why his restrictions should stay, the BC Review Board gave Sullivan an absolute discharge.

Donna Fennel, a friend of Maureen's, and others want the right to speak at review board hearings. And the local Elizabeth Fry Society is writing the Attorney General to protest the decision.

Meanwhile, tonight Wayne Sullivan can legally toast his freedom for the first time in 7 years.