Your P.E.I.: Birds liven up winter on the Island

From eagles to woodpeckers, your best bird photos from across the Island this winter.

From eagles to woodpeckers, your best bird photos

'A Merlin dropped in to inspect my bird feeding station, much to the dismay of the local song birds,' wrote Ed Bryenton. (Submitted by Ed Bryenton)

The birds haven't all gone south for the winter.

You've spotted lots of finches, woodpeckers, eagles and other birds on P.E.I. this season.

Here are some of your recent shots of beautiful birds.

This little pine warbler showed up at Wanda Bailey's feeder in Souris. 'He seems to show up after it storms,' she wrote. (Submitted by Wanda Bailey)
The blue jays compete for Jill Poirier's bird feeder in Winter River, P.E.I. (Submitted by Jill Poirier)
The yellow finches stay busy at Joan Fleming's feeder. (Submitted by Joan Fleming)
This jay was hanging out by Violet Yates' feeder in Kingsboro, P.E.I. (Submitted by Violet Yates)
Janine M Gallant snapped this photo of a mourning dove. (Submitted by Janine M Gallant)
Joan Fleming shared this photo of a yellow shafted Northern Flicker in Charlottetown. (Submitted by Joan Fleming)
Molly Gotell spotted this owl in Burnt Point in Georgetown, P.E.I. (Submitted by Molly Gotell )
'This downy woodpecker comes every day for his bird pie!' wrote Amy Swenson in Caledonia, P.E.I. (Submitted by Amy Swenson)
Thanks to Kathie Doiron for sending in this great eagle shot from New Glasgow. (Submitted by Kathie Doiron)
This photo from Long River, taken by Annette Bellevue, was submitted to us by friend her Misty-Lynn Caseley. Thanks for sharing! (Submitted by Annette Bellevue)
@I_wiilan sent this action shot in on twitter. (Submitted by @I_wiilan)

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