Your P.E.I.: The calm after the storm

The first storm of 2016 hit P.E.I. on Wednesday, leaving behind 13 to 22 cm of snow. Here are your photos from the week.

Islanders snap photos of snowmen and stunning views after first storm of 2016

Natalie Loo built this snowman with her nephew. 'The most fun was demolishing the snowman after!' she said. (Submitted by Natalie Loo)

The first storm of 2016 hit P.E.I. on Wednesday, leaving behind 13 to 22 cm of snow.

You shared your photos of the Island after the storm.

The snow was perfect for building snowmen (or snow ladies)

'Even big kids can have fun on a storm day,' wrote Michael MacIssac. (Submitted by Michael MacIssac)
Cathy MacDonald built this snow lady on the North Rustico boardwalk. 'Say hello as you go by,' she wrote. (Submitted by Cathy MacDonald)

A few dogs got lost in the powder

The snow was boot-deep in Victoria Park — making this dog walk a challenge. John Morris took this photo. (Submitted by John Morris)
Robert Gamble sent in this shot of a 'snow day Schnauzer.' (Submitted by Robert Gamble)
CBC reporter Krystalle Ramlakhan met this dog named Storm while out reporting on the storm. (Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)

The difference before and after the snowfall was striking

What a difference a day makes! Ryan Pedersen took these photos of the Rollo Bay Holdings operation on Souris on Tuesday and Wednesday. (Submitted by Ryan Pedersen)
Another striking before and after from Jessica R. Giddings. The first shot was taken on Jan. 11. The second on Jan. 13. (Submitted by Jessica R. Giddings)

All that snow has to go somewhere

There was lots of shovelling to do after the snowfall. John Morris took this photo in Charlottetown. (Submitted by John Morris)
John Morris took this shot of a snowplow clearing the road in Charlottetown. (Submitted by John Morris)
There was lots of clean-up to do after the storm. Rosemary Fleming sent this shot from Charlottetown. (Rosemary Fleming)

But it made for some stunning winter views

Jeff Pearce took this shot after the storm in Charlottetown's Victoria Park. (Submitted by Jeff Pearce)

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