Why are — or aren't — you living on P.E.I.? Readers weigh in

High living expenses, low wages and a lack of jobs are the main reasons people say they can't or don't want to live on P.E.I.

Most say the cost of living or lack of jobs is too much to try and make a life on P.E.I. work

The cost of crossing the Confederation Bridge is one reason some say they don't want to move to P.E.I., or why others wish they didn't live here. (CBC )

High living expenses, low wages and a lack of jobs are the main reasons people say they can't, or don't, want to live on P.E.I.

The province commissioned the University of Prince Edward Island to conduct a survey asking people who have previously lived on P.E.I., studied on the Island, or visited to see what is holding them back from moving here.

The survey is part of the province's population action plan. CBC P.E.I. posted the story to Facebook, and many readers responded with their own reasons for living here or living away.

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'Wages, hours, and taxes'

"Simple. Wages, hours, and taxes. Lower wages, mostly due to the higher end jobs are already [being] filled," said Daniel Wilson. 

He said any work can be hard to come by, let alone a job with a comfortable wage.

"Don't get me wrong. Love the laid-back pace, friendlier crowd, friends and family. But that don't pay the bills or attain the goals I had set for myself."

'Why move here?'

Roger Smith said he thinks the cost of groceries and rent aren't offset by good enough wages.

"I agree that it is expensive here," said Angela Millar. "We wanted to move to a cheaper place in Charlottetown and it is next to impossible to find anything that won't make us house poor. The place we are at is $900, nothing included.

Millar did say while she appreciates the province's low crime rate and friendly atmosphere, the only reason she hasn't moved out of province is her family.

Josh Meggison is one of several readers who said the bridge alone is reason enough to deter people from living here.

"Bridge is too expensive," he said. "If I didn't already live here I wouldn't. Everybody know it costs to leave so why move here?"

'Back in a heartbeat'

Terri Stewart-MacVane currently lives in Ontario but said they would like to move back home to P.E.I.

"The issue is pay. It isn't equal to the cost of living, unfortunately," said Stewart-MacVane.

"We will definitely come home when/if we can afford to but we can't save money to buy a home in P.E.I. Saving to get there may require some time away."

Justin Harris said it's too hard to get ahead on P.E.I.

"Nothing for work in my trade, rent is high, no room for advancement," Harris said. "On a second note, if I could have these things I would be back in a heartbeat. Love P.E.I."

'No plans to leave any time soon'

But not everyone felt it was too difficult to live here.

"P.E.I. has been very good to me! I have no plans to leave any time soon. Everything is close by. People are friendly," said Abby Morgan.

Morgan said she feels the cost of living here is comparable to other cities across the country.

"There's always lots of events going on. Delicious food everywhere ... Island life is slow pace and safe which I love!"

Marin McCabe also defended the Island as a good place to live.

"Yes we have winter but we can go for long walks in our woods without worrying about dangerous wildlife. Beautiful beaches all around us, restaurants and diners. Lots of entertainment."

For Blaine Sonny Curran, he said he can't imagine living anywhere else.