Video game company setting up shop on P.E.I.

A Toronto-based video gaming company will soon be setting up shop on P.E.I.

Virgin Gaming allows customers all over the world to compete in video games for cash

A Toronto-based video gaming company will soon be setting up shop on P.E.I. 

Virgin Gaming is an online service that allows customers all over the world to compete in video games for cash. The company produces games for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms.

The service is similar to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live services already offered by Sony Inc. and Microsoft Corp. on their respective game consoles, but with one crucial difference — Virgin lets users bet money on the results of their games, and takes a cut of the winnings.

Users sign up for a free account to play games against other gamers. They can even win cash and merchandise prizes without depositing any money. In exchange, they are paired against another player of comparable skill in a secure environment.

The ability to upgrade to a pay account is optional.

"This new facility will provide customer service work for video gaming operations, making it the first centre of its kind in Prince Edward Island," said Minister of Innovation and Advance Learning Allen Roach in a press release.

"Virgin Gaming is one of the many diverse IT and interactive media clients that are expanding to Prince Edward Island, creating exciting opportunities for Islanders interested in this field."

Virgin Gaming is expected to hire 35 customer representatives for their Charlottetown office.

The province helped pay for the expansion through the Innovation and Development Labour Rebate program and through the Launchpad program. 

The company is a division of the Virgin Group Ltd. founded by business mogul Richard Branson.