Kids send early valentines to P.E.I. veterans with help from HMCS Queen Charlotte

Members of HMCS Queen Charlotte began delivery of student-made Valentines Cards to veterans across the Prince Edward Island.

'Just to show them that they are appreciated every day of the year'

Members of HMCS Queen Charlotte will deliver valentine cards to veterans across Prince Edward Island. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

It was an honour for Ordinary Seaman Jenna Fielder-Milligan to be one of the HMCS Queen Charlotte members handing out student-made valentine cards to veterans.

​"It's amazing to go and meet all these people who have served in our Canadian Armed Forces, so it is very rewarding for us," Fielder-Milligan said.

The annual tradition of handing out valentine cards is part of a program with Veterans Affairs Canada.

Approximately 17,000 cards were handed out to more than 6,000 veterans in 2017.

Ordinary Seaman Jenna Fielder-Milligan is glad students are a part of spreading happiness with the Veterans. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

"They usually are very excited or surprised to get them. They often don't think that they've a big impact so they get surprised," Fielder-Milligan said. 

"We just thank them over and over, hoping that they will understand that they have had a big impact on all of us."

Stratford Elementary students contributed cards to this year's Valentines for Vets.

Veteran Affairs Canada has been involved in the annual Valentines for Vets program since 1989. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

Naval Cadet Spencer Lee said they will be delivering cards across the province leading up to Valentine's Day.

"Just the reactions on a lot of the veterans faces when we come in to visit with them, we almost always catch them by surprise but they are very thankful that we are there, what we are doing and they end up thanking us before we leave," Lee said.

 "It's just a great opportunity to visit with them and just to show them that they are appreciated every day of the year."

Students from 10 classes at Stratford Elementary created the cards to be handed out to Veterans. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

Lee wanted to thank the 10 Stratford classes who took time to create the cards.

"I would say they did a great job and that every veteran that looks at a valentine comments on what's inside and they really appreciate them so the valentines don't go unappreciated that's for sure."

With files from Nancy Russell