Some UPEI students concerned about parking space shortage

UPEI students are back to class, which means the parking lots are filling up.

The school has put in 56 new spots this year, but 2 years ago it lost about 100 due to engineering building

UPEI students need parking permits to park in the designated lots on campus. (Stephanie Brown/CBC News)

UPEI students are back to class, which means the parking lots are filling up.

Two years ago the school lost about 100 spots due to construction for the recently opened engineering building.

This summer, they've added 56 spots to help fit the need for spots.

Students are required to buy permits to park in the designated parking lots, or they can go to a metered space. 

Greg Clayton, the Director of Facilities Management at UPEI, said it can be tough for students to find spots this time of year.

He said like many places do, the school oversells the permits so the lots aren't empty with others still wanting passes.

'It's pretty annoying'

Courtney Maclennan is studying Kinesiology. This is her first year parking on campus. She said she was warned that it would be hectic for the first few weeks, but she didn't have trouble on Wednesday.

Maclennan said she is concerned about having less spots than in previous years, and permits being oversold.

"I'm definitely concerned about that because if I'm paying this much money I want to guarantee myself a spot, not have to look around for 20 minutes and be late for class," she said.

It can be hard for students to get spots at the beginning of the year and during peak times. (Stephanie Brown/CBC News)

Ryan Sampson is in Computer Science. He said it is rare for him not to be able to find a spot, but it has happened.

"It's kind of unfortunate, I guess they oversell it a little but you know, I just think if I was here earlier I would have a spot."

Brittany Parker is a nursing student, and she said she has not had any problems.

"You can't park close to the building sometimes but walking is good for you. Sometimes you have to drive around for a second but I've never actually not been able to find a spot."

Ben Gayler, a business student, said he has had to park in a spot he wasn't supposed to because he couldn't find anything else.

"It's pretty annoying figuring how much you pass for the pass, it's 100 plus dollars. When you pay that much you expect to get a spot."

Earlier enforcement this year

Parking is being enforced early this year to discourage people without permits from using the lots. (Stephanie Brown/CBC News)

In past years, Clayton said the school would wait until the second week of class to start enforcing parking rules.

This year, they are starting on the first day of classes on Wednesday, in hopes of getting people without permits out of the parking spots.

Clayton said officers will use their discretion to give a ticket or a warning for the first few days.

He said the school encourages people without a permit to carpool, take the bus or ride a bike to class.