UPEI encourages carpool parking with reserved parking spots

UPEI students and staff are being encouraged to carpool to not only save money but to help save the environment as well.

A minimum of three passengers are needed to take part

Mark Pharand, UPEI's security services manager, says the carpool program will help students and staff save money and be a little more eco-friendly. (Stephanie Kelly/CBC)

UPEI has introduced a new carpooling program in hopes of helping students and staff save a few bucks and do their part for the environment as well.  

"It's great for the environment, it's great for the individual, great peace of mind," said Mark Pharand, manager of security services. "Here at UPEI we encourage eco-friendly modes of transportation, which would be cycling, public transportation and car pooling." 

At least three passengers per vehicle are needed to take part and a permit is granted which comes with a reserved parking spot on campus. 

The carpool permit costs $242 dollars. 

There are currently two designated spots on campus but Pharand said more spaces could be added if there is enough interest.

With files from Stephanie Kelly