New Three Rivers council will make decision on town hall location

As work continues towards electing a new council for the new municipality of Three Rivers, many are wondering what will be happening to the location of the former town hall in Montague.

Preparing for the election is the priority as work continues to bring three communities together

Forner Montague CAO Andrew Daggett says the focus for the new municipality of Three Rivers is the upcoming election in November. (Brittany Spencer/CBC)

As work continues toward electing a new council for the new municipality of Three Rivers, P.E.I., many are wondering what will be happening to the location of the former town hall in Montague. 

The town hall was a total loss after a fire in the early morning of Aug. 2. With the recent amalgamation, it's still unknown where the new town hall will be located. 

Three Rivers encompasses the boundaries of the Montague, Georgetown and Cardigan fire departments.

Council's decision

Andrew Daggett, the former chief administrative officer of the Town of Montague says there are good arguments for and against having the new town hall at the Montague site. 

"I'm very practical. I look at it that the land is purchased, there's water and sewer there, there's a generator there, there's all those things. But if the new council decides otherwise then that's going to be their decision." 

Daggett said while there are a lot of unanswered questions and confusion about what will be happening, things are getting ironed out. 

Elections coming

But Daggett said the focus right now is on preparing for the upcoming election. 

"We're just ramping up for the election, that's the biggest thing on the plate right now; getting things running smoothly, get the candidates, make people aware they can be a candidate, get the people out and get the vote and find out who our next council is going to be."

The new municipality of Three Rivers has been divided into 10 wards. (CBC)

"We want people with passion, desire, people who love this area and want to see it move forward regardless of what you think of the amalgamation." 

When it come to staffing, Daggett said decisions will be made once the new council is in place. But in the meantime he's still doing the day to day work of the job of CAO.

"We're still trying to figure out how it will all work." 

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