The HST comes to Prince Edward Island

On April 1 the harmonized sales tax comes into effect on P.E.I.

On April 1 the harmonized sales tax comes into effect on P.E.I.

The tax change will have a big impact on the economy, raising the price of some items, lowering others, decreasing the cost of doing business, and shifting the tax burden onto consumers.

Along the way it will add $30 million to provincial coffers every year.

In this feature series, Kerry Campbell and CBC News take an in-depth look at the new tax.

HST calculator

The question on the mind of most Islanders is how much is how much is this new tax going to cost me.

Economists estimate consumers will pay $60 to $80 million more in tax in the coming year. To help you determine how much of that you will pay, CBC News has put together this HST calculator. Click on the icon to get started.  

HST expected to improve interprovincial trade

Many P.E.I. businesses are keen for the arrival of the harmonized sales tax on April 1, expecting it will help them compete for contracts on the mainland.

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Two business people give their perspectives. Listen here. 

Man vows to withhold HST on electric bill

Many Islanders are upset that furnace oil is the only form of home heating that is exempt from the HST.

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Bob Baird says he won't pay the HST on the electricity used to heat his home. Listen here. 

Bob's daughter Cindy Baird has been leading a group of Islanders against the HST. Listen here.

Tax hike for consumers $60M under HST: economist

Combining more revenue for government and a shift in tax burden from business to consumers means a lot more sales tax for the average Islander, at least in the short term.

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More coverage from Island Morning.

The P.E.I. government is offering rebates to low- and middle-income Islanders to help take the sting out of the HST. Listen here.

The HST will shift the tax burden from businesses to consumers. How much will that cost consumers? Listen here.

The CBC's Kerry Campbell talks to Finance Minister Wes Sheridan about the HST. Listen here.