The federal election on P.E.I.

CBC P.E.I. reports on the federal election.

As Canadians prepare to vote on May 2, the Liberals on P.E.I. have their work cut out for them to maintain their dominant position.

Since 1988 the Liberals have had a firm grip on the Island's seats in the House of Commons. They held them all until 2008, when Gail Shea won Egmont for the Conservatives.

Now the Conservatives are eyeing the other three Island seats. Former MLA Mike Currie is challenging Lawrence MacAulay in Cardigan, Wayne Easter is convinced Prime Minister Stephen Harper is paying special attention to ousting him from Malpeque, and Charlottetown appears to be wide open. Incumbent Shawn Murphy is not reoffering, and Conservative Donna Profit had a big head start in campaigning over Liberal Sean Casey. The NDP are also hoping for a breakthrough in the seat, where they once placed second, thinking they might sneak up through the middle.

CBC P.E.I. is watching the election closely, and you can find what we've learned about what Islanders are thinking here.

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