Candidates already on campaign trail for P.E.I. byelection

The date hasn't been set for a P.E.I. byelection in District 21 but that's not stopping some hopeful candidates from going door to door.

Some are getting an early start on going door to door

Chris Palmer is seeking the nomination for P.E.I. Liberal Party. (Submitted/Chris Palmer)

The date hasn't been set for a byelection in the P.E.I. riding of Summerside-Wilmot but that's not stopping some hopeful candidates from going door to door.

Chris Palmer said he is seeking the Liberal nomination to run for the vacant seat. The Summerside entrepreneur who owns Island Stoneware, began campaigning about a week ago.

He said he sees this first shot at a political post as a way of giving back. "I'm making phone calls, I'm going door to door, I'm talking to people in my district," said Palmer. 

The seat became vacant after the resignation earlier this month of MLA Janice Sherry.

Campaigning begins

Nancy Beth Guptill also declared her intention to seek the Liberal nomination. Guptill told CBC News she was approached by a couple of parties to run but a long family history with the Liberals made the decision fairly easy.

Nancy Beth Guptill says she used social media to announce her intention of running for the Liberal nomination. (Laura Chapin/CBC)
"I've been a die hard Liberal since the day I was born," said Guptill.  

Guptill said she has been meeting with constituents in coffee shops and making phone calls mostly.

"I want to be the voice and an advocate for the district," she said. 

The P.E.I. Liberal Party said the party is still looking to identify interested people, but when it comes to setting a nomination date, "It's something that will be sooner rather than later," said president Scott Barry.

Possible new leader for Progressive Conservatives

The Progressive Conservatives are also getting ready but no one appeared to be officially on the campaign trail Monday.

Gerard McCardle, President of the District 21 Progressive Conservative Association, said he is looking at what halls may be available and possible dates for a nominating convention.

"I have yet to get anybody's name officially, I have heard anywhere's from six names," said McCardle.  

The P.E.I. PC Party are also looking at this byelection as a chance for a new leader. "This person could be the person that runs for the leadership and also could be the person to be the next premier of the province." said McCardle.  

McCardle said he expected to have some names of interested candidates by the end of the week. 

Green's expectations high

The Green Party leader, Peter Bevan-Baker said he planned to be in the Summerside area a lot over the next couple of months. The party has two candidates who have expressed interest.

Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker says the byelection great opportunity for Greens. (CBC)
Bevan-Baker said there won't be a nomination vote but party officials will meet soon to figure out who will run in the district.

"We're going to run a really full campaign,we will be extremely competitive," said Bevan-Baker.

The Greens expect the byelection to be called for the end of September or early October.  

NDP to announce candidate 

The New Democratic Party of P.E.I. confirmed it will be running a campaign and a candidate will be stepping forward  "very soon" said party officials. 

Edith Perry, co-chair for the NDP election planning committee is helping coordinate plans for the byelection.

"We are discussing campaign platforms, addressing financial resources, everything that is needed for a full fledged campaign," said Perry.