Students show off their science skills at P.E.I. Science Fair

More than 270 young scientists from 32 Island schools were in Charlottetown today for the 2017 provincial science fair. In all, 196 projects were on display. Winners advance to nationals in Regina.

Projects this year covered a broad range of topics

The theme of this year's Science Fair was was "Science is Everywhere: Get Involved." (Tom Steepe/CBC)

Some of the brightest minds from across the Island, gathered in Charlottetown for the 2017 P.E.I. Science Fair.

The theme this year was "Science is Everywhere: Get Involved."

In all, more than 270 young scientists representing 32 schools, presented a total of 196 projects in both French and English, representing the work of students from Grades 4 through 12.

The topics of the projects displayed were as diverse as the students who researched them. 

'More out there'

The young scientists shared their projects and experiences with about 100 volunteer judges.

Grade 9 student Bethany Visser of Immanuel School, completed a project on seed treatments and how they affect germination.

Bethany Visser of Immanuel Christian School looked at the effects of seed treatments on seed germination. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

"I think people know there's more out there to figure out," said Visser.

"People just want to figure that out for themselves, and they want to learn things for themselves."

'You learn new things all the time'

The line-up of projects this year covered a broad range of topics including health sciences, physical sciences, agriculture, environment, and natural resources.

Emma MacLauchlan and Anna Clark, looked at how music affects the growth of bacteria.

Emma MacLauchlan and Anna Clark of Summerside Intermediate, used different types of music to see how it affected the growth of bacteria. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

"In science, you learn new things all the time," said Clark, a grade 8 student at Summerside Intermediate.

"There are so many different fields. It's not just narrowed down to one idea."

More than $15,000 in prizes and awards was handed out by the 45 community partner organizations that annually support the fair.

DJ Buchanan and Abby MacDougall of O'Leary Elementary, looked a different types of chemical reactions typically found in the home.

'It can be complicated'

Grade 9 student Terrin Lewis, made homemade fire blocks out of recycled paper.  

He found his recycled logs lasted as long as purchased logs, but cost less to produce.

"Science is a big mystery," said Lewis, a student at Summerside Intermediate. "It can be very complicated which I find fun. I like thinking a lot."

Terrin Lewis of Summerside Intermediate created a way to heat his home for free. (Tom Steepe/CBC)

Five students from grades 7-12 will be selected to represent P.E.I. at the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Regina in May, where more than $1 million in prizes and scholarships will be awarded. 

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