Striking Charlottetown blood services workers get talks going again

Striking blood services workers in Charlottetown walked away with a small victory after taking their picket line to Ottawa: the promise that talks between the union and Canadian Blood Services would resume.

Ottawa meeting with CEO leads to commitment to reopen negotiations

The main sticking point in the dispute is the minimum number of hours employees are guaranteed to work. (Stephanie Kelly/CBC)

Striking blood services workers from P.E.I. who took their picket line to Ottawa this week say they have now have hope that talks will soon resume.

Four of the nine striking workers from the Charlottetown clinic held a meeting with Canadian Blood Services CEO Dr. Graham Sher Thursday morning.

Striking blood services workers in Charlottetown have been off the job since Labour Day. (submitted)

Local union president Tanya Herrell said Sher confirmed that his lead negotiator would contact the union to set a date to resume talks.

"At least the two business agents will be in touch with each other right away and get dates that work for both sides," Herrell said.

"It's still like we did something that needed to be done ... We feel that there's something moving now."

The main issue in the dispute is the workers' request for a guaranteed number of hours for their part-time positions.

Herrell said Sher made it clear in the meeting that request wouldn't be granted.

The strike is now in its 12th week.


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