Stanley Bridge roundabout meets with opposition

A roundabout planned for the intersection in Stanley Bridge is being opposed by some local business people and residents.

Intersection changes not 'justifiable,' says local resident

Stanley Bridge roundabout concerns

8 years ago
Duration 2:00
Phyllis Carr of the local women's institute and Duane Stewart, owner of a gas station, discuss their concerns about a roundabout project in Stanley Bridge.

A roundabout planned for the intersection in Stanley Bridge is being opposed by some local business people and residents.

The roundabout will be located at the intersection of Rattenbury Road and St. Mary's Road (which turns into Cavendish Road Route 6).

Tenders went out Thursday for the $200,000 project, which could begin this spring.

Stanley Bridge resident Linda Young believes a four-way stop is the answer for the intersection — which is the western gateway to the tourist centre of Cavendish.

The owner of the gas station at the intersection is worried about access to his business when the roundabout is constructed. (Brian Higgins/CBC)
"I didn't really think that it was justifiable way out here in the country when the only time we're really busy is for two months during the summer," said Young.

"I would think a stop sign would be the easiest way to go. It is a three-way stop right now."

The Sterling Women's Institute Community Hall is also located at the intersection. Several ceilidhs are held at the centre and mean that parking and traffic can be tight.

"I'm a bit confused about what's happening because we really have no information," said Phyllis Carr, president of the women's institute.

"We just know a roundabout's coming, what type of design, we have no idea and how it's going to affect the adjacent businesses on this intersection we have no idea."

Duane Stewart, the owner of a gas station located at the intersection, is concerned about access to his business when the roundabout goes in.

"I want to be able to get the motor homes and trucks in and out of my parking lot without any restrictions," he said.

Public meeting to be held

But Transportation Department officials say they will ensure there is proper access.

Stephen Yeo, chief engineer for the province, says the intersection is confusing and very busy in the summer because it leads to Cavendish.

"The roundabout will be a lot more efficient for the intersection. It's confusing with the four legs and with the three-way stop. You know, we looked at the design. It's a good option. It will work very efficiently,"

"We are always willing to take feedback and stuff and, until we actually start the project with shovels in the ground, there's always the opportunity to tweak or change things."

Municipal leaders say the public needs more information.

"Everybody wants to learn a little bit more about it and because of the timelines and everything, they're still finalizing the design," said Matthew Jelley, chair of the Cavendish Resort Municipality.

"But our understanding is when that design is ready, we're going to have some public information and that is going to answer a lot of the questions."

Transportation officials say a public meeting will be held before the project begins.

Roundabout planned for intersection in Stanley Bridge. (Brian Higgins/CBC)


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