Stanley Bridge roundabout is 1st of its kind on the Island

A new roundabout on P.E.I. is getting some attention — but not for the reason you might think.

Transportation officials say so far drivers are using it correctly

The new roundabout uses paint to direct drivers. (Jim Brown)

A new roundabout on P.E.I. is getting some attention — but not for the reason you might think.

Instead of guiding traffic with concrete barriers or medians, the Stanley Bridge roundabout directs traffic with bright yellow paint.

"It is colourful," said Stephen Yeo, the chief engineer for the Department of Transportation.

"There is a yellow type of paint and pavement marking in the centre of the roundabout. It's unique to P.E.I. It's our first mini roundabout. And what that does is give positive guidance to the users that they are to go around the circle and not intentionally drive over the centre island. Instead of using raised curbs, you're using paint and signage."

There was some opposition when the roundabout was proposed, but officials say reaction so far has been positive. (Submitted by Jim Brown)

The roundabout was met with opposition when it was first proposed, but Yeo said initial response to the completed $200,000 project has been positive.

So far, he said, drivers are using it correctly.


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