Souris Regional High School expansion back on schedule

The $20 million project to expand Souris Regional High School into a kindergarten through Grade 12 school is on budget and on time, according to the province.

Kindergarten to Grade 12 school coming in under budget

Government had originally promised a brand-new K-12 school for Souris, but scaled those plans back saying they were too expensive. A new elementary school and a renovated Souris High are supposed to be ready for September 2014. (CBC)

The $20 million project to expand Souris Regional High School into a kindergarten through Grade 12 school is on budget – possibly even slightly under – and on time, according to the province.

Masons, carpenters, electricians have all been working since May to more than double the size of the school to take in more students. They’ll be adding enough space to add kindergarten to Grade 8.

The project saw slow progress in the fall, but “since then we've seen a great improvement,” said Tyler Richardson, with the P.E.I. Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

Students are already using the new library, which will serve all 600 students next school year.

The work was designed to try to cause the least disruption to learning. Construction areas are locked and any noisy work is supposed to wait until after 3 p.m.

But parents say it would be have been better and quieter to build a new school on a different site.

“We certainly didn't have to be where we're at now. Nevertheless, we are where we're at, and we do have an education facility in the middle of a construction zone,” said Patrick Power with the home and school board

Students from kindergarten to Grade 12 will all be under one roof next fall, but construction will continue through spring of 2015.

Both schools will close June 6 next year, a few weeks earlier than usual. That's mostly to allow enough time for demolition of the consolidated school next door.

To make up for the early closure, school days this year are eight to 10 minutes longer.

No one in government will say how much the project is under budget, but documents suggest it could be in the millions of dollars.


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