'It's going to feel like the building is moving': Confederation Centre goes multimedia

This summer, the shows are inside and outside the Confederation Centre, as a new multimedia event is being projected on an outer wall each night.

Signatures - A Canadian Spectacle Under The Stars will play all summer on outside wall of theatre

This is what Graphics eMotion has planned for the outer wall of the Confederation Centre this summer in Charlottetown. (Graphics eMotion)

If the Confederation Centre seems different this summer, you won't be hallucinating. One of the outer walls will seem like it's moving.

That's because of a special outdoor multimedia show that will play each night at dusk, called Signatures - A Canadian Spectacle Under The Stars.

Discover Charlottetown and the Confederation Centre have teamed up to present the show, created by a Montreal company called Graphics eMotion.

"They really bring buildings alive, that's their specialty," said Heidi Zinn, executive director of Discover Charlottetown.

"These guys have done everything from Cirque du Soleil, they've worked for Google, Louis Vuitton, you name it, these guys have done it, they do music festivals and such. They have a real modern approach to multimedia."

Graphics eMotion's show will project iconic Canadian multimedia images in Signatures - A Canadian Spectacle Under The Stars. (Graphics eMotion)

The idea came from a similar event back in 2014, when a film played on a wall of Province House each night.

Interactive, hi-tech show

That was a normal history film by comparison, said Zinn, whereas this will feature iconic moments, landscapes and Canadian people, told in a unique way.

"This is going to be a little bit more modern, a little bit more interactive," she said. "It's going to feel like the building is moving on you. So rather than give a linear history lesson, it's going to do flashbacks between history, looking into the future, looking at moments that have made Canadians proud, and jumping all over the place rather than just leading up to today."

The show will begin each night around dusk, and the whole event will take about a half hour. It will run from June 25 to Oct. 1.

Sing-along contest

There's some audience participation as well, in the form of a big all-Canadian sing-along.

"As cheesy as it may sound, we want to get people really engaged in this," said Zinn.

"We're looking to have in rotation about four to five songs at the end of the show, every night. So we've put out a call across Canada, we've done some digital advertising as well to try and bring people's responses in. We want to know what the most iconic Canadian sing-along is. So we're asking the public to go online and vote and we'll choose the top five."

The show Signatures - A Canadian Spectacle Under The Stars is part of the Canada 150 celebrations in Charlottetown. (Graphics eMotion)

The sing-along is another way to bring people together in celebration of Canada, said Zinn.

Voting is open now, and lasts another two weeks.

"Right now, Barenaked Ladies' If I Had $1,000,000 is up there pretty high, I don't know how I feel about that but we'll let the public speak," said Zinn.

To vote, go to There's also a prize package being drawn for a lucky voter.

From the Mainstreet interview by Angela Walker