Shane Ross

Shane Ross is a former newspaper and TV journalist in Halifax, Ottawa and Charlottetown. He joined CBC P.E.I.'s web team in 2016.

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'They feel like your pets': Dad shares love of beekeeping with daughters

Troy Fraser is one of about 50 beekeepers on P.E.I. , and for him, it's a family affair. His 10- and eight-year-old daughters asked for beekeeper suits for their birthdays.

For apple lovers, the time is ripe for picking and baking

For apple lovers on P.E.I., there’s no better time of year than now.

6 tips for packing a school lunch your kid will eat

Three weeks into the school year, parents might be at their wit's end on what to pack for their kid's lunches and snacks, that won't come back home at the end of the day.

Trudeau praises Island work ethic in wake of Dorian

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau arrived at the friendly confines of MP Lawrence MacAulay's farm in Midgell, P.E.I., on Tuesday and gushed to supporters about Island resiliency and work ethic, including in the days after post-tropical storm Dorian.

Georgetown needs 'backup plan' during power outages, resident says

The mayor of the amalgamated Three Rivers municipality says staff will look at ways to better serve the area of Georgetown during extended power outages.

After delay, CBC building renovations expected to begin in October

Construction is expected to begin in October on a $2-million renovation to the CBC P.E.I. building in Charlottetown.

Acting alongside Hollywood stars 'really fun' for Islander

Islanders might recognize a familiar face acting alongside Hollywood stars Patrick Dempsey and Virginia Madsen on TV Sunday night. 

Why you might be seeing more snakes on P.E.I.

Seven-year-old Evan Smith got quite the surprise when he went inside the public washroom at Brackley Beach earlier this month. Slithering along the concrete floor was an 80-centimetre garter snake.

$250M sale of BioVectra a 'wonderful new opportunity,' says president

The $250-million US sale of Charlottetown-based BioVectra to an international private equity firm is good news for BioVectra’s 350 employees, says company president Oliver Technow.

From free shampoos to free food, Dorian brings out best in some Islanders

The aftermath of post-tropical storm Dorian has brought out the best in Island hospitality.

Cavendish Campground closes for season after 'significant change to the landscape'

Cavendish Campground in P.E.I. National Park will remain closed for the remainder of the year due to damage from Hurricane Dorian, Parks Canada says.

Cool things you didn't know about your teacher

Away from the classroom, teachers have their own lives like everyone else. They’re athletes, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs.

'They're always happy': 80-something golfing buddies brighten up Belvedere

Paul Taweel, 85, Thane Doyle, 84, and Bill Mulligan, who turns 80 in December, have been playing golf for decades at Belvedere Golf Club in Charlottetown, often with their other buddy, 83-year-old Frank Hughes.

Who's Who on P.E.I.: 33 years later, is it time for an update?

The author of the popular but controversial book Who’s Who on P.E.I. says 33 years later, he’d like to see an updated edition.

Why Canada geese love to visit Dalvay

Anyone who has visited the stately Dalvay By The Sea in June and July has seen them. Canada geese — hundreds of them, honking and waddling around like they own the place.