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Sudbury high school teachers concerned over board's plan for September, says local OSSTF president

While the president of District 3 of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF) says the Rainbow District School Board's plan is well considered — it's not free of possible kinks.

How mental health caregivers in Sudbury are supporting one another during COVID-19

Living in close quarters with family during COVID-19 has been tricky for many, but for some, it's meant assisting and encouraging loved ones with mental health challenges under the added pressures of quarantine.

Greater Sudbury Public Library sees renewed interest in services during pandemic

As with many aspects of our lives, borrowing books has, for the most part, gone virtual, and so far, the Greater Sudbury Public Library says it's paying off.

Local group helps Sudbury sex workers not eligible for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit

Sex workers in Sudbury and across the country are experiencing a loss of income because of COVID-19. 

Without a car or licence, this woman says getting tested for COVID-19 in Sudbury was difficult

A woman in Sudbury says her recent experience in trying to access COVID-19 testing posed many challenges.

Petition circulating to get water fountain turned back on in Sudbury park

A new petition is calling for the City of Greater Sudbury to turn on a drinking fountain at Memorial Park. 

New database offers alternate resources to call when police intervention isn't possible

Black Lives Matter Sudbury has released a directory of resources for people to call during an emergency, when they feel police intervention might not be possible.

Why this Sudbury woman is making masks from turtle shells and birch bark

A Sudbury health care worker has been spending her nights crafting face masks from found objects.

Woman shamed for Florida licence plate asks Sudburians to 'be kind to people' amid COVID-19 anxiety

A woman, born and raised in Sudbury, says she's shocked following several hostile encounters involving people in the community shaming her for the licence plates on her car.

How a Sudbury woman is helping people understand what it means to be an ally

A new Sudbury project is offering a safe space for people to learn about how to best support the local Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) community.

How the language we use determines how we view ourselves, each other and the world around us

Words aren't just a string of sounds that escape people's mouths, used to communicate with one another, says Sobia Ali-Faisal, a former lecturer at UPEI and co-founder of BIPOC USHR. Language, she says, is a window into how people view the world around them.

The grief in knowing you'll one day outlive your primary caregiver as a person with a physical disability

Rebecca Wilchynski is 48 years old and has been living with cerebral palsy her entire life. Now, as her mother, who has always served as her primary caregiver, faces medical issues of her own, she must decide if she will give up what independence she has and move to a long-term care facility.

'Patients pulling weeds' from Harbourside Health Centre exam room in Summerside, Green MLA tells house

Questions about the condition of the Harbourside Health Centre in Summerside were posed by Green MLA Lynne Lund during a sitting of the P.E.I. Legislature on Friday afternoon.

Access PEI offer shades to those waiting in 'extensive' Charlottetown lineups

While the lineups snaking outside shops and services are keeping people safe and healthy, with respect to the pandemic, officials with Access PEI are worried that in the middle of a heat wave, it could leave them vulnerable to the sun. 

Island Fringe Festival pivots to amplify diverse voices with new summer event

While the Island Fringe Festival has been cancelled due to COVID-19, organizers of the event have turned their efforts to a new presentation called Pounding the Pavement, which aims to amplify a range of diverse talent.