RCMP say controversial student car rally cancelled in western P.E.I.

RCMP say a controversial car rally involving high school students in western P.E.I. will not be going ahead.

Police stopped the event after details emerged about plans for teens to speed, fight and drink

The RCMP and the principal of Westisle Composite High School in Elmsdale, P.E.I. warned students earlier this week not to participate in a proposed car rally. (Shane Hennessey/CBC)

RCMP say a controversial car rally involving high school students in western P.E.I. will not be going ahead.

It was believed that teens planned activities that would be considered illegal, such as speeding, dangerous driving, underage drinking, fighting and vandalism.

West Prince RCMP issued a warning about the proposed event and said officers later spoke with about 10 high school students and their parents.

The organizers said they would cancel the rally and its social media page was removed, the police said in a news release Friday.

RCMP said they plan on increasing their patrols and monitoring the area.

While the exact date was not confirmed, the rally appeared to be set for Saturday or next weekend.

Cpl. Mike Lutley said there were no reports of suspicious activity Saturday and police "had no concerns this was going to continue."

"We've informed the student population that we would take a zero tolerance stance on anything like that happening, so we reiterated that when we were talking, but we believe the education part alone was enough to prevent it from continuing," Lutley said.

The principal at Westisle Composite High School in Elmsdale, P.E.I., also issued a warning earlier this week about the car rally after details circulated on Facebook.

Heidi Morgan, the school's principal, told CBC earlier this week that community members alerted the school to it. 

"We did feel like the risky behaviour is something that we had to inform parents so that hopefully it would lead to conversations about this type of event and what should and shouldn't happen," she said.