Protestors voice displeasure with Plan B project

Protstors gathered outside Province house on friday to voice their displeasure over a controversial highway project.

Protestors call for end to Trans-Canada Highway project

About 40 protestors gathered outside the P.E.I. legislature on Friday to express their concerns over a controversial highway project.


Opposition leader Olive Crane and Peter Bevan-Baker of the P.E.I. Green Party joined the protestors in voicing their displeasure over a planned reroute of the Trans-Canada Highway west of Charlottetown.


Crane is continuing to call on Premier Robert Ghiz to become more forceful, asking him to stop the plan until a proper environmental assessment done. Both Crane and Bevan-Baker believe the plan should be scrapped. Crane and her caucus went to Bonshaw Wednesday to call for a halt to the $20 million project.


There were also questions about activity at the bridge in Bonshaw on Wednesday, next to where the Tories held a news conference.

More than 20 engineers were busy inspecting the bridge. As part of the new highway project, the bridge would be widened to three lanes. The Tories said it was just another sign the project is being fast tracked, even though the environmental assessment process isn't finished.