Principal sentenced to 3 months jail for luring minor

A former Kensington high school principal was sentenced Wednesday to three months in jail for luring a minor.

Terry Irving Foster sent suggestive text messages to student

A former principal of Kensington Intermediate High School was sentenced Wednesday in Summerside provincial court to three months in jail for luring a minor.

Last December, Terry Irving Foster, 41, of Summerside, sent inappropriate text messages to an underage female student.

Judge Jeff Lantz sentenced Foster to serve his 90-day sentence on weekends, starting this Friday, June 7.

The Crown and defence attorneys jointly recommended the sentence when Foster entered a guilty plea, May 22.

According to facts read in court, Foster sent messages to the girl telling her she was "attractive, hot and tempting" and suggested they meet in a book room at school.

Lantz told the court he was concerned that, as principal, Foster had been in a position of trust at the school.

But Lantz said the 90-day weekend sentence followed by two years probation is appropriate for a first-time offender.

Judge Lantz also told the court that Foster has undergone a "spectacular and very public fall from grace" as a result of his actions.

Foster was also ordered to provide a DNA sample to Kensington police.

His name will remain on the federal sex offender registry for 10 years.