Police ask residents to record serial numbers

Charlottetown police are asking residents to record the serial numbers of home electronics in an effort to stop thieves.

Charlottetown police have a program to help officers recover the most popular home electronics taken in break and enters.

The number of car and home break-ins increase in the summer, and police say computers, iPods and Xboxes are easy targets for thieves.

A new police program is designed to make it easier to track down the true owners of electronics recovered by officers.  

"People can pick up a pamphlet, fill out the pamphlet with their belongings, electronics," says Deputy Chief Gary McGuigan.

"We will give them a sticker, two stickers to put on their homes that tells people all the items in this house have been marked, so should they become lost or stolen, it just gives us a recourse to go find those things."

McGuigan says people should also be sure to lock the doors in their homes and vehicles.