Plan B group continues protest over holidays

A small group will continue their protest at the Plan B highway construction site in the Bonshaw area over Christmas.

Plan B protestor


8 years agoVideo
Raw video of Plan B protestor Cindy Richards. 3:50

A small group will continue their protest at the Plan B highway construction site in the Bonshaw area over Christmas. 

Cindy Richards and Janet MacLeod said they're watching for any potential environmental damage.

Richards and MacLeod have been camped out at the site in a teepee and in a trailer for weeks. Richards said they're making a difference.  

"It's still a lot of public interest surrounding this. I think that we're making a difference," said Richards. "I think they're tightening up their mitigations and that things are being done at a better level that they would have, had we not been monitoring this."  

Both Richards and MacLeod said they'll spend Christmas and the rest of winter on the site.