Petition calling for dismissal of Charlottetown Coun. Eddie Rice

An online petition has been created, requesting the dismissal of Charlottetown City Coun. Eddie Rice from office after he was issued a stay away notice from Holland College last week.

Petition comes after college issues stay away notice to Coun. Rice

An online petition has more than 120 signatures, calling for the dismissal of City Coun. Edward Rice after Holland College said there was a "verbal and physical altercation," between him and a female employee in July. (CBC)

An online petition is calling for the dismissal of Charlottetown City Coun. Eddie Rice from office after he was issued a stay away notice from Holland College in July.

The petition has already received more than 120 signatures and according to the website was started by "concerned Charlottetown residents."

"In light of these very serious allegations, the City of Charlottetown should hold Councillor Rice accountable and remove him immediately," the petition reads.

It goes onto say that, "the City must take a stand against bullying and combative behavior."

'Verbal and physical altercation'

In a statement released last week, the college accused the councillor of being involved in what officials are calling a "verbal and physical altercation" involving a female staff member on July 13.

"A female Holland College employee was greeting patrons when Councillor Rice approached her to ask about a photograph which had been on display in the performance hall lounge," according to the statement issued by the college. 

"During the ensuing altercation, Councillor Rice used profane and threatening language, restrained the woman by holding her arm, and touched her several times without her permission. At one point she raised her hand and asked him to stop," according to the statement.

The college says the altercation, which it says lasted more than seven minutes, was recorded by a security camera.

City is 'aware' of petition

In an e-mail statement to CBC, Deputy Mayor Mike Duffy says the city is aware of the allegations and petition circulating "about one of the members of Council."

"There is no legislation that allows Charlottetown City Council to dismiss a councillor unless he or she is charged and found guilty of an indictable offence," Duffy said of the petition.

He went on to say, "in this matter, the Crown Prosecutor decided not to proceed with charges," and that the matter is under review in relation to the City's code of conduct. 

Coun. Rice declined CBC for comment on this story.

With files from Krystalle Ramlakhan