Young Islander builds ice fishing shack, hopes for winter catches

Eleven-year-old Matt Perry, from Tignish, says he loves fishing during the summer. Now, with the help of his family, he has built an ice fishing shack.

'It’s just a fun hobby,' says 11-year-old Matt Perry

Matt Perry is hoping to catch some smelts. (Natalie Hogan Perry)

A young P.E.I. fisherman has built his own ice fishing shack.

Eleven-year-old Matt Perry, from Tignish, says he loves fishing during the summer. When he recently tested out his cousin's ice fishing shack he knew he had to make one, too.

"I really like spearing smelts and stuff so I decided to make my own," Matt said.

Building it was his idea, but it was a family effort. It took six hours to build.

Matt says the shack has a small heater to keep him warm (Natalie Hogan Perry)

The shack was completed on Thursday, loaded onto a trailer and delivered to Skinners Pond on Friday.

"You just put a hole in the floor and then cut a hole in the ice," Matt said.

"You just have a jig and spear. And you just sit there and it's like a little lure on the end of it. Sometimes the smelts will come around and just you can spear them."

The shack is dark, but you can see into the water, and there is a little heater to keep warm, Matt said.

"It's just a fun hobby and you get to go and do different things, catch different fish," he said, adding most of his family are fishermen.

Matt says the ice isn't as thick this year as it has been in the past. (Natalie Hogan Perry)

Matt is only after smelts this time of year, but during other months he has caught perch, mackerel and bass.

"Three years ago I caught a 29-pound bass," he said.

Matt was out fishing for two hours Sunday morning, but didn't have any luck.

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