Who's in, who's out: Meet the new legislative assembly on P.E.I.

New faces, new government and mix of party colours in the House the likes of which Prince Edward Island has never seen.

Who is back again, who is entering the political realm for the first time? Here they are

Below are all the elected representatives that will work in the Prince Edward Island Legislature. (Canadian Press)

New faces, new government and mix of party colours in the House the likes of which Prince Edward Island has never seen.

There are still some questions to be answered as to how government will operate as the province embarks toward its first minority government. What we can say, however, is who is back in the building and which new faces will enter.

Keep in mind, because of the death of Green candidate Josh Underhay during the election period there are only 26 representatives listed here. A byelection will happen in District 9 Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park within the next three months.

Below are the elected representatives that will make up the P.E.I. Legislature, starting with the party with the most seats and its leader.

Progressive Conservatives, 12 seats

All eight of the PC incumbents were re-elected, and they added four more to their legislative roster, including a new leader.

'It's almost a surreal experience,' said King when he won his own seat. (Brian McInnis/CBC)

Newly elected PCs

Leader Dennis King won in District 15 Brackley-Hunter River with 1,315 votes — Liberal candidate Windsor Wight came second with 899 votes. King is the former director of communications for former premier Pat Binns.

Cory Deagle won in District 3 Montague-Kilmuir with 1,373 votes — Liberal candidate Daphne Griffin came second with 785 votes. Deagle is a volunteer and worked as a legislative assistant with the PCs. This district was held by Liberal MLA Allen Roach, who did not reoffer.

Bloyce Thompson won in District 8 Stanhope-Marshfield with 1,300 votes — Liberal leader and outgoing premier Wade MacLauchlan came second with 1,196 votes. Thompson is a dairy farmer. 

Ernie Hudson won in District 26 Alberton-Bloomfield with 1,312 votes — Pat Murphy, former Liberal MLA and minister of rural and regional development, came second with 1,153 votes. Hudson worked as a dairy farmer and with the Department of Agriculture. 

Successful incumbents

Colin LaVie won in District 1 Souris-Elmira with 1,347 votes — Liberal candidate Tommy Kickham came second with 861 votes. LaVie is the incumbent and is a lobster fisherman.

Steven Myers won in District 2 Georgetown-Pownal with 1,493 votes — Green candidate Susan Harley came second with 865 votes. Myers is the incumbent and is involved in various sports in the region.

Darlene Compton won in District 4 Belfast-Murray River with 1,545 — Green candidate James Sanders came second with 781 votes. Compton is the incumbent and worked as administrator of the Dr. John Gillis Memorial Lodge.

James Aylward won in District 6 Stratford-Keppoch with 1,270 votes — Liberal candidate David Dunphy came second with 882 votes. Aylward is the incumbent and worked in various roles in the service industry.

Sidney MacEwen won in District 7 Morell-Donagh with 1,752 votes — Green candidate Kyle MacDonald came second with 697 votes. MacEwen is the incumbent and is a tuna fisherman.

Brad Trivers won in District 18 Rustico-Emerald with 1,918 votes — Green candidate Colin Jeffrey came second with 899 votes. Trivers is the incumbent and owned and operated an IT consulting company.

Jamie Fox won in District 19 Borden-Kinkora with 1,680 votes — Green candidate Matthew MacFarlane came second with 1,041 votes. Fox is the incumbent and was a police officer and business owner.

Matthew MacKay won in District 20 Kensington-Malpeque with 2,008 votes — Green candidate Matthew J. MacKay came second with 805 votes. MacKay is the incumbent and worked as a realtor in the Kensington area.

Green Party, 8 seats

The Greens have jumped dramatically ahead in terms of seats since 2015, when the party had only one representative elected. In this election the Greens elected eight in total, and won in ridings against Liberal cabinet ministers.

'P.E.I. is a very special place and it has never shown its beauty and its strength more clearly than it has in the last few days. My God, I love this Island,' said Bevan-Baker. (Laura Meader/CBC)

Newly elected Greens

Michele Beaton won District 5 Mermaid-Stratford with 1,152 votes — PC candidate Mary Ellen McInnis came second with 934 votes. Beaton is a businesswoman. Former Liberal Alan McIsaac held this riding previously, but did not reoffer.

Karla Bernard won District 12 Charlottetown-Victoria Park with 1,272 votes — Richard Brown, former Liberal MLA and minister of communities, land and environment, came second with 875 votes. Bernard was a teacher and counsellor with the Public Schools Branch. 

Ole Hammarlund won District 13 Charlottetown-Brighton with 1,301 votes — Jordan Brown, former Liberal MLA, attorney general, minister of education, early learning and culture and minister of justice and public safety, came second with 1,223 votes. Hammarlund is originally from Denmark and is an architect.

Lynne Lund won District 21 Summerside-Wilmot with 1,258 votes — PC candidate Tyler DesRoches came second with 1,037 votes. Chris Palmer, former Liberal MLA and minister of economic development and tourism, came third with 892 votes. Lund is an entrepreneur and deputy leader of the Green Party. 

Steve Howard won District 22 Summerside-South Drive with 1,302 votes — Tina Mundy, former Liberal MLA and minister of family and human services, came second with 938 votes. Howard is an entrepreneur working in solar energy. 

Trish Altass won District 23 Tyne Valley-Sherbrooke with 1,101 votes — PC candidate Hilton MacLennan came second with 1,026 votes. Paula Biggar, former Liberal MLA, minister of transportation, infrastructure and energy and minister responsible for the status of women, came third with 882 votes. Altass is a senior research associate at UPEI. 

Successful incumbents

Leader Peter Bevan-Baker won District 17 New Haven-Rocky Point with 1,869 votes — PC candidate Kris Currie came second with 1,068 votes. Bevan-Baker is the incumbent and worked as a dentist.

Hannah Bell won District 11 Charlottetown-Belvedere with 1,286 votes — PC candidate Ronnie Carragher came second with 998 votes. Bell is the incumbent and was the executive director of the P.E.I. Business Women's Association.

Liberal Party, 6 seats

Outgoing premier Wade MacLauchlan spoke to Dennis King before the PC leader addressed supporters on election night. (Andrew Vaughan/The Canadian Press)

Newly elected Liberals

Gord McNeilly won District 14 Charlottetown-West Royalty with 1,079 votes — Green candidate Gavin Hall came second with 966 votes. McNeilly is an entrepreneur and volunteer. 

Successful incumbents

Robert Mitchell won District 10 Charlottetown-Winsloe with 1,420 votes — Green candidate Amanda Morrison came second with 1,057 votes. Mitchell is the incumbent and was the minister of health and wellness. He previously worked with Maritime Electric.

Heath MacDonald won District 16 Cornwall-Meadowbank with 1,643 votes — Green candidate Ellen Jones came second with 1,137 votes. MacDonald is the incumbent and was the minister of finance. He previously was an executive director for a tourism business and worked in information technology.

Sonny Gallant won District 24 Evangeline-Miscouche with 1,110 votes — Green candidate Nick Arsenault came second with 761 votes. Gallant is the incumbent and was the minister of workforce and advanced learning. He previously was involved as a community volunteer and coach.

Robert Henderson won District 25 O'Leary-Inverness with 1,102 votes — NDP candidate Herb Dickieson came second with 893 votes. Henderson is the incumbent and was the minister of agriculture and fisheries. He previously worked as an employment counsellor, economic development officer and farmer.

Hal Perry won District 27 Tignish-Palmer Road with 1,388 votes — PC candidate Melissa Handrahan came second with 802 votes. Perry is the incumbent and was government whip. He previously worked as a property development officer.

Who's out?

The Liberals dropped the most in this election, losing much of the cabinet.

Notable losses for the party in this election include Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan, and former ministers Richard Brown, Jordan Brown, Chris Palmer, Tina Mundy, Paula Biggar and Pat Murphy.

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