UPEI student union president resigns

UPEI's student union president Hammad Ahmed has resigned.

Hammad Ahmed did not give reasons for suddenly stepping down

Hammad Ahmed has resigned his post as president at UPEI. (Hammad Ahmed/Facebook)

UPEI's student union president Hammad Ahmed has resigned.

Ahmed, a fourth-year engineering student, handed in his brief resignation letter Sunday. 

"I truly regret any inconvenience this may cause," Ahmed wrote in the letter. "I want to thank the organization and its membership for the tremendous opportunity to have served in this position." 

Vice-president Taya Nabuurs has taken over his duties until a byelection can be held. 

She did not know the reasons Ahmed stepped down.

'Getting the word out'

"It's not entirely uncommon," Nabuurs noted. "These are very demanding positions and you are required to be a full-time student at the same time you're completing this role."

UPEI student union vice-president Taya Nabuurs has taken over as president until a byelection can be held. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

Nabuurs pointed out that at many other universities, student union executives are limited in the number of courses they're permitted to take, whereas at UPEI students are required to maintain a full-time status by taking a minimum of three courses per semester.

The student union is now getting word out to students that the job of president is open, and seeking candidates to run.

"It's an incredible opportunity to serve your campus community and larger community," Nabuurs said. 

Ahmed, who started at UPEI in 2014  after beginning his university career at Al Yamamah University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, also served as president of the Society of International Students in the past. 

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