Cause of Tyne Valley arena fire still unknown, say investigators

Officials from Tyne Valley met with P.E.I. communities minister Jamie Fox and other government officials Tuesday, to talk about possible financial support in rebuilding the community's rink.

Community and rink officials met with provincial government Tuesday to talk funding for new rink

Jeff Noye, Tyne Valley's mayor, was among those who met with P.E.I. government officials Tuesday. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

Three days after fire destroyed Tyne Valley's community arena, P.E.I.'s fire marshal's office says investigators still haven't determined a cause. 

A spokesperson said Tuesday the investigation is ongoing, and that a cause won't be made public until it's wrapped up. 

Regardless, Tyne Valley's major Jeff Noye says rink and community officials are moving ahead with plans to build a new rink. 

They met with P.E.I. Communities Minister Jamie Fox and other government officials Tuesday, to talk about possible financial support. 

Noye has said a new arena will cost an estimated $6 million. He said while insurance will likely cover about half of that, he's counting on community fundraising and government support to cover the rest. 

After Tuesday's meeting, Fox said his government is keen to help out, but that it's too early to make any firm commitments. 

"We don't know what insurance is going to be available, we don't know what programs will be available on a federal or provincial level," said Fox. "But I think it's our goal to make sure we point them in the right direction. And if there are programs they can apply to, we're open to looking at those applications," he said.

"We're trying to get our ducks in a row here and get plans developed as soon as possible."

While the arena sign remains standing after the fire Sunday morning, the building itself has been ruled a total loss. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

Neither the provincial or federal government has committed to providing any funding at this point. 

In the meantime, an online fundraiser aimed at raising money for a new arena continues to gain steam. 

'It's always been in my life'

19-year-old Darcie Augustine, who lives in Tyne Valley, started a GoFundMe page Sunday. 

"I've seen GoFundMe pages take off before. So I thought it'd be a great way to start fundraising for the rink," said Augustine. 

Investigators with the provincial fire marshal's office spent Monday combing through the rubble at the arena, trying to determine a cause of the fire. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

"I played hockey there, learned how to skate. For school trips, we'd always go there. We'd go to ice shows. It's always been in my life," said Augustine. 

"The rink is like a big part of our community. it's like the heart and soul of Tyne Valley," she said. 

Augustine said she hopes she can raise at least $10,000. 

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