Here are P.E.I.'s top baby names of 2019

Royal names remained popular this year, but didn't take the number one spot among girls and boys born on Prince Edward Island.

Sophie jumps way up to take the top spot for girls, Liam returns as number 1 for the boys

The amount of births on P.E.I. is up, and the top baby names are a bit different this year. (HTeam/Shutterstock)

Royal names remained popular this year, but didn't take the number one spot among girls or boys born on Prince Edward Island, according to data from Vital Statistics. 

Sophie, a name that has not appeared on the top baby name lists in recent years, came out of nowhere and was the top baby name for girls this year.

Charlotte, Evelyn, Emma and Amelia were among the most popular names once again. New names on the list include Brielle and Mia. The name Sophia is always a contender for the top spot, but vanished from the list this year — most likely taken over by the Sophies.

For the boys, the Liams held the crown in 2017, were knocked off the list in 2018 and have once again claimed the top name for boys born on P.E.I.

Benjamin, Oliver, William and Jack were back as some of the top names for boys. There were new additions to the list this year, and the return of names like Wyatt, Hunter and Ethan, which haven't been on the list since 2016. 

By Dec. 17, 1,231 babies had been born — 633 girls and 598 boys. That's up from 1,209 births by around the same time last year. 

Here is a breakdown of the top baby names of 2019.


1. Sophie (12).

2. Charlotte (11).

3. Olivia (9).

4. Ella, Lucy (8, tied).

5. Amelia, Mia, Paisley (7, tied).

6. Brielle, Brooklyn, Emma, Evelyn (6, tied).


1. Liam (10).

2. Benjamin (9).

3. Carter, Hunter, Oliver, William, Wyatt (8, tied).

4. Ethan, Jack, Mason, Noah (7, tied).

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