New doctor finally coming to Tignish

Dr. Peter Entwistle will be coming from Oliver, B.C., in February, a release from the province said Thursday.

Dr. Peter Entwistle moving from B.C.

Dr. Peter Entwistle is coming to Tignish from Oliver, B.C., where he is a well-respected doctor and health-care advocate. (Dan Walton/Times-Chronicle)

The tiny town of Tignish in western Prince Edward Island will get a new full-time family doctor in February 2021, a news release from the province said Thursday. 

Dr. Declan Fox left his busy practice in Tignish in September 2019 and retired to his home of Ireland, although he continued to see some of his 2,500 patients over the internet once a week. 

Health PEI knew Fox was leaving two years before he departed, and had been searching for a replacement doctor. 

Dr. Peter Entwistle will begin his practice at the Tignish Health Centre in February. 

"I know the residents of Tignish will be very pleased to welcome him to their community and be under his care," said Health and Wellness Minister James Aylward in the release. 

"This is wonderful news for the people of Tignish and surrounding areas," Tignish Health Centre manager Wendy Arsenault added.

'Opportunity to work and enjoy life' in Tignish

Entwistle is leaving his family practice in Oliver, B.C., in the Okanagan Valley. His wife Anne will also join the team at the Tignish Health Centre as a licensed practical nurse. 

Dr. Declan Fox was Tignish's only family doctor. His replacement starts in February. (Steve Bruce/CBC)

Entwistle said he's heard good things about Tignish.

"When we visited P.E.I. last year, we kept hearing about the Tignish Co-operative and style of practice that had been developed by the community, Dr. Fox and the health-care team," he said in the release. 

He said the couple had planned to provide short-term or locum support in P.E.I. last Christmas, but weren't able to.

"Now we have the opportunity to work and enjoy life in the community of Tignish and we are both looking forward to coming and participating," he said. 

In Oliver, Entwistle is known as a health-care advocate and is well-respected. He ran as an independent in B.C.'s 2017 provincial election on a platform advocating for better health care. 

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