Tara MacLean bringing Atlantic Blue to Charlottetown this summer

Island musician Tara MacLean is scheduled to perform Atlantic Blue at the Guild in Charlottetown beginning in July. The show was performed last summer in Hunter River, P.E.I.

Atlantic Blue celebrates musicians and songwriters from Atlantic Canada

P.E.I.'s Tara MacLean is bringing her show Atlantic Blue, which celebrates Atlantic Canadian musicians and songwriters, to the Guild this summer. (

Island musician Tara MacLean knew her idea of telling the life stories of Atlantic Canadian musicians through songs and film was a success when both shows last summer at Harmony House in Hunter River, P.E.I., sold out and ended in standing ovations.

'Dream come true'

This summer, MacLean is hoping for the same response when she brings the show — Atlantic Blue — to the Guild in Charlottetown.

"Last summer was an absolute dream come true," she said on CBC's Mainstreet P.E.I.

"I feel that people are going to walk away feeling very connected to Atlantic Canada and to music."

For the upcoming show, MacLean has hired a couple of new musicians, but will also have guest musicians perform "to show the future" of Atlantic Canadian music.

Missed performing on P.E.I.

MacLean said she started the show because she was homesick and missed performing on the Island. The idea to come back to P.E.I. and perform came from singer-songwriter Lennie Gallant.

One of Gallant's songs will be part of this summer's show.

"All the rest are surprises," said MacLean, who is also working on a CD with songs from the upcoming show.

According to the Guild's website, Atlantic Blue is scheduled to begin July 4 and continue to the end of August.

With files from Mainstreet