Stratford offers a ride to the bus stop

Residents in Stratford who live far from bus stops might soon have a new transit option.

Some residents 4 kilometres from transit

If the service is popular, it could become a permanent part of the transit system. (CBC)

Residents in Stratford, P.E.I., who live far from bus stops might soon have a new transit option.

In the town budget — passed Wednesday night — there is a $10,000 allowance to develop a new on-demand service to connect with the transit system. The town is currently looking for a service provider to offer pickups and drop-offs to bus stops for people who live far from the bus routes.

Deputy Mayor Randy Cooper said he's heard from some residents who say they would take transit if there was a route near their home.

"Sometimes it could be three or four kilometers outside the loop, and there's only one or two people to pick up. Now, if there was 20 or 25, we'd put it as part of the loop," said Cooper.

"We need to do a good job of promoting it once we have it ready … If it turns into be very successful, we'll put it as part of the permanent transit system here in Stratford."

Cooper said the town is open to various options for this on-demand service, perhaps using a small shuttle or even a car.

He hopes to be able to start the pilot project by June.

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With files from Sarah MacMillan