Stratford residents get behind affordable housing project

An affordable housing project for the town of Stratford is one step closer to reality, and it seems residents are behind it.

A 56-unit building with 30 affordable units is proposed for Dale Drive

The building would have 56 units, 30 of those affordable. (Natalia Goodwin )

An affordable housing project for the P.E.I. town of Stratford is one step closer to reality, and it seems residents are behind it. 

A public meeting was held Wednesday night as part of the rezoning application for a 56-unit building on Dale Drive. 

Thirty of the units will be affordable housing, through developer Pan American Properties Inc. that won an request for proposals with the province. Tenants would apply to the province for the affordable units, and rent would be based on their income — not exceeding 25 per cent of what they earn.

The remainder of the units will be rented at market value, between $950 and $1,400 the developer estimated. There are also plans for twelve fully-accessible units. The building will be a mix of one-, two- and three-bedroom units over four floors. 

The project excited Stratford resident Adrienne Montgomery.

Adrienne Montgomery, who works with post-secondary students, says there is a great need and applauds the plan. (Natalia Goodwin/CBC )

"I do support this type of development and even the future site that you said to have other commercial properties there," she said addressing developer Tim Banks. 

There were  questions around the lack of green space in the plans, especially for children who may live in the building.  Banks said he is taking that suggestion under advisement. 

Developer Tim Banks says he is taken the suggestions given on board. (Natalia Goodwin/CBC )

"As part of this development, we see a bigger future on the site so I think we'll address that ourselves in making sure that there will be a play area," he said.

Water woes

Carol Corbett lives on Dale Drive and threw her support behind the proposal, but needed reassurance about ongoing stormwater issues in the neighbourhood. 

"There is a huge issue, and this property in particular has some huge issues, being that in the spring and in the January melts water is literally running over the road from that property," she said.

Dale Drive resident Carol Corbett is concerned about ongoing stormwater issues. (Natalia Goodwin/CBC )

"I'm scared when I see so much development on a piece of land because all of a sudden there's no more land to take that water."

But Banks said there is a plan in place, and that he has been working with the province on the issue.

Overall the crowd seemed to be in support. (Natalia Goodwin/CBC )

"The new road is going to be raised in elevation, our building is going to be raised in elevation, and it will actually create a ditching system that will find its way to a retention pond, and all of that will be designed by licensed professional engineers."

Banks said he is ready to break ground anytime, and hopes that can happen soon. He has a deadline as part of the funding agreement to be wrapped up by next April.

The next step is the project will go before planning board and then hopefully to council at their next meeting on Jan. 9. 

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