'Avoid travel': Winter storm #4 closes down P.E.I. again

Yet another winter storm is roaring over Prince Edward Island, and Islanders are being advised to stay home.

Storm hit later than expected, and will linger longer

Islanders are advised not to travel Friday. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

Yet another winter storm is roaring over Prince Edward Island, and Islanders are being advised to stay home.

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Public schools, UPEI and Holland College are closed, and civil offices are delaying opening.

Provincial plow dispatchers say plows in Prince County have only been out on main highways, and Summerside Police say no plows are operating in the city. Provincial plows are out in Queens and Kings counties.

Mail delivery has been postponed.

RCMP have advised people not to travel, and CBC meteorologist Brennan Allen echoes that.

"I just advise Islanders today to avoid travel today, if at all possible," said Allen.

This is the 4th storm to hit the Island in eight days. (Sally Pitt/CBC)

A winter storm warning was issued for the whole province by Environment Canada at 4:27 a.m. Kings County was not part of the warning Wednesday, because it was expected to get less snow, but 25 centimetres is now forecast for the whole province.

The snow came later than expected to P.E.I., falling only lightly until 5 a.m. Winds were starting to pick up by 6 a.m., at 50 km/h gusting to 70. Those strong winds will continue into the early morning hours, creating whiteout conditions.

This plow was getting an early start in Charlottetown, but there wasn't much snow to move yet. (Kevin Yarr/CBC)

Ice rafting warning

Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement warning about ice rafting.

Strong winds could force large pieces of sea ice up past the shoreline.

"The ice can actually push right into a building or a shed and destroy it," said CBC meteorologist Brennan Allen.

8 days, 4 storms

This is the fourth storm to hit the Island in a little over a week.

I do some light at the end of the tunnel.- Brennan Allen

Schools were closed last Wednesday due to a threat of freezing rain, and Monday and Tuesday of this week because of a blizzard that hung up over the Maritimes. Schools would also likely have been closed by a storm on Friday, but classes were already cancelled due to a professional learning day for teachers.

Allen said Islanders can expect a break after this storm.

"It's been quite active since the end of January and, likely, I do see some light at the end of the tunnel for at least a week of calmer weather," he said.

But that light is a couple of days off. The storm, late to arrive, will also linger longer than expected.

Heavy snow is expected to continue until around 8 p.m. Flurries will continue through Friday with a continued chance of blowing snow.

There is some sunshine forecast for Saturday.

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